Sunday 3/14/2021 - south section

Sunday 8:45-12:15 pm: 85 new dead newts, no live newt!
Weather - Cold. It rained on Wednesday and Thursday. Rain MTD 0.84 in, YTD 9.46 in per
I documented a total of 85 new dead newts, possibly one juvenile. Most of them were very dry, a few were fresh.
Other roadkills: millipedes, centipedes, beetles, crickets, moths, earthworms.
Coverage: from Aldercroft Heights Rd to the first stop sign.
Traffic: 34 cars, 1 motorcycle, 12 bikes, 7 pedestrians, and 2 cars parked by the road.
2 out f 85 were found in front of HTH #6. They were very old. I was there before they checked their traps, and I saw them on the way there. I told them about the newts, but they only removed one. Maybe they didn't think the other was a newt? It was old, but clearly a newt.
The HTH team said that they'll be done soon - by the end of March.
A link to all my newt observations of the day -

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@merav, it's odd that HTH is ending their survey at the end of March. You've found roadkill as late as May in previous seasons. I checked their protocol, and that is, indeed, what they planned to do.
Also, I read the Chileno Valley report for last year. They only collect data December - February. I've tried to communicate with members of the team to ask why they end their surveys in Feb, but I haven't received a reply.

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