Tuesday 4/6/2021 - south section

Tuesday 8:00-10:00 am: 45 dead newts, 1 live newt!
Cynthia C. and I walked together, documenting both sides of the road at the same time (I did the reservoir side first).
Weather - Cold, nice. Last rain - 3/18-19. Rain MTD 1.82 in, YTD 11.56 in per http://www.weathercat.net/wxraindetail.php
I documented a total of 23 dead newts (updated number, after removing a duplicate), all very dry, all adults. Cynthia documented 22 newts, two of them fresh.
We were surprised to see one newt crossing the road from the hill to the reservoir. It was alive but injured. Its tail was injured, and it had a bit of blood on its face and body. It was walking fine. Probably got hit by a bike. It was added to the injured newt project only.
Other roadkills: caterpillars, crickets, Jerusalem cricket, a fence lizard.
Coverage: from Aldercroft Heights Rd to the first stop sign.
Traffic: 2 trucks, 18 cars, 1 bike, 3 pedestrians, and 3 cars parked by the road.
The HTH array #6 has been removed (they were supposed to end their study by the end of March).
A link to all my newt observations of the day - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2021-04-06&place_id=any&taxon_id=27816&user_id=merav&verifiable=any
@sea-kangaroo - how many newts did you record? I'll update my numbers when you'll have time to upload (take your time...)

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I have 22 newts in my film roll, only two of which were fresh (which was more than I was expecting). Also one roadkill snail that I think is one of the native ones, but I need to hunt down a Garden Snail to compare shell textures. I'll update with my obs link when I upload.

Lähettänyt sea-kangaroo 3 kuukautta sitten (Lippu)

thanks! I hope you don't need to step over the garden snail to get to the right texture :)

Lähettänyt merav 3 kuukautta sitten (Lippu)

Here's the link to my finally-uploaded newts for this day: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2021-04-06&photos&place_id=any&subview=map&taxon_id=27816&user_id=sea-kangaroo&verifiable=any

I actually only had 21 dead newts, the other one was the injured one that Merav has already accounted for. It was coincidentally right near the "ghost" newt, which I got a photo of: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/74602001

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