1 day and some hours, Selkirk 14PA55

Selkirk 14PA55 is located in the RM of the Municipality of St Andrews, Municipality of St Clement and the City of Selkirk. The Red River crosses the northwest corner of the square. Selkirk Park and Little Lake Park are found along its banks and part of the Great Trail passes through the square. Small holdings and suburban lots predominate close to the river; agriculture dominates elsewhere.

At the time of posting, 1,357 observations had been uploaded by 48 observers. 466 species have been identified with the most frequently observed organism the Manitoba Maple with 26 observations. 179 species of plants have been identified and 142 species of insects . The survey for the Breeding Bird Atlas of Manitoba confirmed 25 bird species nesting here, with another 60 species probable or possible. Here's the full list.

There are many ways to look for nature in your home, backyard, or neighbourhood. The key thing to keep in mind is that the City Nature Challenge is all about trying to find the wild species in and around metro areas. The challenge encourages you to go look beyond your pets and houseplants to find the plants that are arrived on their own and the wild animals -- no matter how small -- that live in and around our houses and yards!

Happy observing!

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