Summer is here

Hi everyone,

Cheers for another great week! Plenty of brilliant observations - my favourite this week is the horned palassus beetle from Loogna in Tennessee. Check it out, it's huge!

We've had some brilliant weather and hopefully it will be here for most of the summer (next week excluded!) - it's the perfect chance to take your time exploring nature and looking for wildlife. Every single record you make is so important. Each of them help scientists learn more about the biodiversity of that area and how best to protect it.

Now that the weather has picked up, we are starting to take Wild Watch to schools. We had our first session the other day at an after school club near Chester. The children had great fun finding all sorts of insects and arachnids in their school garden. This was definitely helped by the purchase of insect viewing pots (small plastic pots with a magnified lid - they're only about £1.50 online or in our gift shop). We also gave them sheets to mark how many species they found in each microhabitat in the garden - I let them decide which areas constituted a microhabitat, so we had a chance to discuss what a habitat is and what sort of creatures might like each one.

We will be visiting a few more schools before the summer holidays. I will also be running a session with the Digging Deeside group, a community social garden group for vulnerable and isolated adults. It's fantastic to be able to show a wide range of people how fun and accessible citizen science and wildlife recording are.

We will be running some more FREE events in the Wrecsam area throughout the summer. Details are coming soon - keep your eye on this blog or the Xplore social media channels for updates.

Have a great weekend - looking forward to seeing what you all find!


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