American Arachnological Society virtual bioblitz June 25-27 2021 - join their project to participate.....

Make arachnid observations from wherever you are over the weekend of their annual meeting, from Friday June 25 to Sunday June 27, 2021. There will be fun prizes for the most observations, the most identifications, and more! The project is for folks who want to participate in finding arachnids and having arachnologists looking at the ID's. So a chance to put a little extra effort into photographing your local spiders and see what some experts think.

project link:

More about the annual meeting here... #Arachnids21

here's some notes on what helps to get a spider identified from tips and tricks...

Photograph the shape of the spider’s web and take note of its habitat. Use your macro lens to obtain close-ups of the top side and underside of the spider, as well as a shot of the face head-on to see the position of the eyes. Photographing the eye arrangement and dorsal pattern can help you identify the spider to family or genus.
How They Got The Shot
Thomas Barbin(
“I like to encourage active spiders (especially jumping spiders) onto a stick, leaf or rock to make photographing them easier. I hold the object with the spider in my left hand while resting the end of my lens on the palm/wrist area of my left hand. This allows everything to move as one, making it easier to focus on the spider. As I track and photograph the spider,I move the object with my fingers to get all the key angles for ID. Once I have what I need for an ID, I like to get creative with different angles. By facing different directions, I can choose what I want the background to be (blue sky, green leaves, dark background, etc.). Jumping spiders can be especially tricky and like to jump. When they jump, they leave a dragline attached to the object they jumped from and repel down. Try to grab their dragline before they hit the ground and lift them back up to your stick/leaf/rock!”
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pinging those who have posted more than one observations of spiders in Manitoba in June :)
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