Week Two

Guess what, I'm writing the weekly post on schedule. In the past seven days, we've added 22 observations, making the total of 52. This is not what I'm personally hoping for but maybe something will change. I have done the math, and if we submit raptor observations at the same rate of these first two weeks, we'll end with only 600 observations, hardly two thirds of last year's survey. I'd recommend telling your friends about this project. The more participates, the more observations submitted.

This week's observation of the week goes to @andybridges for an osprey carrying what looks like to be a carp. This strict fish-eating raptor is doing his part in controlling invasive species and it's not often a lucky photographer sees an osprey with their prey. Or at least, that's my experience. You can see Andy's photo here:


I wish you fellas luck with the upcoming week. Work has got me on a tight schedule so I haven't been making any birding trips recently. But I'm planning on checking out some areas I know have Flammulated Owls and hope I strike gold. What plans do you have?

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