Leatisha Ramloll - Leaves

  1. American Ginseng
    One unique adaptation for the American Ginseng is that it grows close to trees. This is because it needs the shade of the tree in order to survive since direct sunlight is harmful to it. As an additional bonus, the tree drops leaves which decay and create mulch allowing the plant to thrive.

  2. Common adaptation
    One adaptation that all observations have in common is that they are adapted to the harsh winters of the Montreal climate. For example, maple trees in the area will drop their leaves in order to conserve energy during harsh and cold winters.

  3. Black walnut- phylogeny placement
    The black walnut (scientifically referred to as Juglans Nigra) is part of the Dicotyledon class (plant/angiosperm that has a pair of leaves or cotyledon in the embryo of the seed) and the Juglandaceae (walnut) family.

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