7 days till the start of the BioBlitz!

Hey everyone,

Hope you've been able to enjoy some of the lovely springtime weather.
With 7 days to go before the Great Southern BioBlitz with Maroondah City Council, I thought it would be a great time to showcase some of the amazing biodivesity found across Maroondah currently, there are just under 300 observers in Maroondah City Council and over 600 iNaturalists that help identify local observations, which is fantastic.

So please feel free to keep making observations and helping others identify their observations, all in the name of science of course. Here are some of the people who are making great observations around Maroondah @mandapanda87 @suz1966 @scoutsvictoria @rjennion @anthonybigelow @jody_lawson @bushbandit @widebrownland @willharper @bloogs

Twining Fringe-Lily at Hochkins Ridge Flora Reserve by @mandapanda87

Pied Currawong at Woodland Park by @suz1966

Kangaroo Apple in Ringwood by @scoutsvictoria

Tawny Frogmouth in Gracedale Park by @rjennion

Milkmaids in Terreddan Drive @anthonybigelow

Crimson Rosella in Mullum Mullum reserve by @jody_lawson

Spotted Sun-Orchid Maroondah area by @bushbandit

Yellow Admiral in Maroondah area by @widebrownland

Waxlip Orchid Maroondah area by @willharper

Chocolate Lily at Croydon North by @bloogs

Lähettänyt eryn18 eryn18, 14. lokakuuta 2021 03:47


I'm ready. Just hope the weather is kind and the rain stays away!

Lähettänyt suz1966 12 kuukautta sitten (Lippu)

Fingers crossed for some good obeservation weather!

Lähettänyt eryn18 11 kuukautta sitten (Lippu)

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