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Hello again!
In the lead up to the BioBlitz starting, it would be a great time to share what was observed during 2020's months of Spring to see what was a seen last year! Spring is always exciting as you can see pops of colour appear throughout natural areas, so every piece of biodiversity you can observe is like its own little prize.
Here's some of the amazing observations made during September and October 2020 to get you excited for the BioBlitz.
Thank you to all the observers, identifiers and citizen scientists out there 😊
If you have joined our project, thank you! If you haven’t, please feel free to join and happy observing!

Let's get exictied for the 4 day BioBlitz period (22nd-25th, October)!

Thank you to the following observers for their citizen science contributions from spring 2020:
@melvinxu @rjennion @torhek @kate198 @muddles @helenvdn @davidwad @bp32 @bunyip @jonathan_tickner @heathersperl @lorimer @judithvc @julesaf @phoenixwolfe @jessmcoleman

Turkey Tail in Mullum Mullum Reserve by @melvinxu

Peron's Tree Frog in Heathmont by @rjennion

Clematis in Maroondah by @torhek

Yellow Admiral in Maroondah by @kate198

Mushrooms in Mullum Mullum Reserve by @melvinxu

Eastern Bush Orbweaver in FJC Rogers reserve by @muddles

Kangaroo Thorn in Ringwood by @helenvdn

Skink in Ringwood North by @davidwad

Grass Triggerplant in Heathmont by @bp32

Dusky-winged Ichneumonid Wasp in Maroondah by @bunyip

Milkmaids in Ringwood by @jonathan_tickner

Bottlebursh Sawfly in Croydon by @heathersperl

Red Raspberry Slime Mold in Ringwood East by @lorimer

Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo in Ringwood North by @judithvc

Australian Grapevine Moth in Ringwood North by @julesaf

Waxlip Orchid in Heathmont by @phoenixwolfe

Banded Sugar Ant in Ringwood by @jessmcoleman

Common Small Catchfly in Maroondah by @bushbandit

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