Winter on Our Front Steps

The addition of 47 new observations puts the total count at 967. We are so close to a thousand you guys! We should be able to get it by next week, I'm sure. And I need to contact some folks in the Tri-cities and get them to join iNat so we can add Snowy Owl on the list. I missed her when I was up there this weekend and trust me, I worked hard on relocating her.

The Observation of the Week goes to @brodiecasstalbott for spotting a Barred Owl in Sherman Co, Oregon. This species is perhaps my biggest Oregon nemesis bird. In fact, I've only seen one Barred Owl in my life and that was in Boise a few years back. I don't know how iNaters find 800 owls for the project, but I certainly don't have that luck. Anyway, enjoy this handsome colonzier:

We're still looking for Snowy Owls or Gyrfalcons. I will chasing the latter species this weekend, so hopefully I can find him. With snow engulfing northeast Oregon this week, we should see an influx of many winter species, both raptors and other birds alike. Good luck out there and stay tune for the next update.

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