Maintenance downtime scheduled for Friday 8pm to 9:30pm PDT

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! I need every second I can get to finish uploading!!!! Aaaaaargh!

Lähettänyt kimberlietx kimberlietx, 21. huhtikuuta 2017 02:06


I saw that too, and wondered about the insanity of it!

Lähettänyt suz noin 5 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

I'm choosing to think they are upgrading to help ease the burden on the site. It's the only way I'll stay sane! :)

Lähettänyt kimberlietx noin 5 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Haha! ;) I saw that and freaked out a bit as well. So many things to ID!

I think they were running into quite a few glitches, perhaps. The stats from the site are crazy these days -- TONS of new observers and observations:

Fortunately, the downtime is just a little bit -- that'll let you catch your breath! :-D I've been watching your uploads -- fantastic!

Lähettänyt sambiology noin 5 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

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