Beautiful yellow flowers

The warm spring weather in the UK has meant lots of plants are flowering earlier than usual. The barberry flowers are bright yellow and are out in some parts of the UK already. It does make finding a barberry bush much easier as other hedgerow bushes tend to have white flowers at this time of year. If you do see a barberry plant and can easily access it, please also look out for small orange dots on the leaves. This is likely to be rust aecia. You can include this observation on the BarbRE observation page. Happy Barberry Rust Exploring!

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Common barberry (Berberis vulgaris), plays a key role in the disease cycle of certain wheat rust pathogens. Our new Barberry Rust Explorer (BarbRE) program establishes the first detailed study of barberry bushes for rust infection in the UK. This will help us understand the current threat barberry could pose as an incubation site for emerging wheat rust strains. But first the location of ...lisää ↓

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