Welcome to Bras d'Or Watch 2021!

We are less than a day away from the start of this year's Bras d'Or Watch event!

Just a reminder of the event specifics:

We are tracking the species that call the Bras D'Or Lakes (Mi'kmaq: Pitu'paq) home - including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods, mollusks, fungi, and plants! Observations can be logged any time between July 23 (tomorrow) and August 8. All observations marked either "Needs ID" or "Research Grade" will be accepted as well as observations with either photo, video, or audio.

Q: "What if I observe an invasive species?"
A: Species both native to Nova Scotia and invasive are more than welcome to be observed for the project.

Q: "Can observations with non-alive status be added?"
A: Yes, just be sure to make note of your observation's status (i.e. "alive" or "dead") as you upload your observation.

Q: "I'm not part of the project but I'm observing species in the same area (Bras d'Or Lakes watershed), can my observations be included in the project?"
A: Absolutely! As long as it's within the specified dates above (July 23 to August 8), your observations can be included.

We hope that you all have fun and take in the beautiful nature as you explore the Bras d'Or!

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