Butterfly Blitz 2021 wrap up

Hello Butterfly Blitz participants,

We’re well into the fall season and I’m definitely missing my butterflies. If you are too, now is a good chance to revisit this year’s program by viewing the recording of our wrap up event – held online on September 18th. You can find the video here.

At the wrap up event, we presented an overview of the Butterfly Blitz program and our activities and findings from 2021. We also awarded prizes to six participants – for most observations made, most species seen, rarest species seen, best photo, most participation, and the lucky day prize. Congratulations to each of our award winners!

Lindsey and I are so proud of what the Butterfly Blitz program has achieved – thanks to you and all of our participants. Your contributions have added so much to our knowledge of the butterflies in the Credit River Watershed over the last three years.

Butterfly Blitz might be going into hibernation now, but rest assured – we’ll be back in the spring, ready to emerge with another wonderful season of training sessions, butterfly surveys, guided hikes, contests, and more!

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