We are close to 100% containment as of September 16,

The CZU Complex Fire has been raging for more than a month now, and finally, Cal Fire predicts they will have 100% containment by Sunday, September 20. As we near containment on this terrible fire that has affected San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties, we are beginning to anticipate the day when we can go back into this area we love and document its recovery. This project has been set up to include all the pre-fire observations that we have made on iNaturalist and to add all the new observations we are able to make after the fire is out. Some areas are close to roads and we will be able to access them right away, but for others, such as Big Basin and Butano State Parks, it may be a long time before they are safe and we are allowed to enter. Regardless, please stay safe and use good judgement before entering any fire areas. Dead trees and tree limbs will be falling for a long time to come. Flare-ups will likely occur for quite a while, so don't get caught off-guard. I am tagging those inat users who I know have spent time hiking and observing nature in this region and hopefully, will have a chance to continue to add observations. All observations made within the perimeter of the CZU Fire will be accumulated into the project automatically, so it is not necessary to join, but please do. We also ask that you indicate in the "Notes" section of each observation whether the specific area for that observation has burned or not.

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Thanks for helping to launch this important project, Donna

Lähettänyt gyrrlfalcon 1 päivä sitten (Lippu)

This is a very cool project idea. Can’t wait to get back out there!

Lähettänyt earth_tide 1 päivä sitten (Lippu)

Here's to containment and a healthy recovery for the benefit of all forms of life affected by these fires and otherwise!

Lähettänyt arvel 1 päivä sitten (Lippu)

Last week I posted two 'after fire' observations from Big Basin / Rancho del Oso unit. Both observations had burned within a few feet of the observed plant.

Lähettänyt kenk 1 päivä sitten (Lippu)

We all are committed to seeing some of our favorite places recover - and document the observations in the process. Thank you Donna for this idea.

Lähettänyt metsa 1 päivä sitten (Lippu)

Excellent project, Donna. I'm happy to be a part of it.

Lähettänyt jmaughn 1 päivä sitten (Lippu)

I'm looking forward to documenting the recovery and being a part of this project. Thanks for setting this up Donna.

Lähettänyt geodani 1 päivä sitten (Lippu)

This is great idea! Thank you!

Lähettänyt chyroptera 1 päivä sitten (Lippu)

This is fantastic. I'll get out there ASAP. Thank you so much for setting this up and including me. 🖤🌲🌱

Lähettänyt thrasherbird noin 23 tuntia sitten (Lippu)

Thanks! Happy to participate.

Lähettänyt hfabian noin 22 tuntia sitten (Lippu)

Good idea!

Lähettänyt lilithohlson noin 14 tuntia sitten (Lippu)

Great idea! Thank you for setting this up. I was just having a conversation this afternoon with someone at Hawk Hill (Marin County) about the unexpectedly high ratio of adult Red-tailled Hawks to juveniles I observed there on Monday, September 14, 2020. We wondered if there could be some displacement and dispersal going on with the adult birds from fire zones. Pure speculation, but you do wonder where the birds go since they can quickly relocate.

Lähettänyt keith_g noin 14 tuntia sitten (Lippu)

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