Salish Sea Bioblitz

The Salish Sea Bioblitz runs from July 3 until July 12 this year. This bioblitz creates a "snapshot" of the diversity of species that live in the Salish Sea - birds, whales, seals, invertebrates, seaweeds... sadly, I don't think there will be any fungi. Aspergillus live in the ocean, but they're microscopic.

To help out the bioblitz, you can join The Great Salish Sea Bioblitz community. Then if you are next to or on the water between now and July 12, you can make observations and they'll be automatically added to the project.

The event also has a series of online talks about birds, whales, tidepools, art, and culture of the Salish Sea. You can see the schedule or sign up for an event here.

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