GSBiogroup surpasses 100, 000 observations

As a group, we have been collecting observations on iNaturalist for a long time. However, at the start of the year back at the end of January, we set up this project to collect observations by the organisers of our southern spring bio blitz the Great Southern Bioblitz
Great Southern Bioblitz

It is a wonderful thing that this project has grown record over 100,000 observations from across our network, with many observations in Australia, Southern Africa, South America and the Pacific.

The most active user on the project is David Torres (AKA @dawicho) from the amazing Pichincha region of Ecuador, it looks like the Quito & Pichincha area will have an advantage in the 2021 Great Southern Bioblitz. I have included some of the great observations by @dawicho below.

Concave-nosed Striped-Sweat Bee Agapostemon nasutus (left), Thread-waisted Sand Wasps Genus Ammophila (right)
These are fantastic contributions to the knowledge of the biodiversity of this region of Ecuador as the copyright has been set as 'some rights reserved' (CC-BY-NC) which means that this information is shared with GBIF. Check out all the observations made by @dawicho in the GSBiogroup
Nick Lambert (@nicklambert) from Australia has observed the most species within the same period, observing 1, 883 (2,278) species within the same period, an amazing effort. Nicks most observed species within this period was Angled Australian Barkhopper Paraselina brunneri pictured below observed in Korora NSW, Australia

I have also included this fantastic observation bt South Australian enthusiast @cobaltducks

Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus, ©Geoffrey Cox, Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park, SA, Australia

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Thanks Stephen, looking forward to the event!!

Lähettänyt nicklambert noin 1 vuosi sitten (Lippu)

Some amazing obs Nick! I think it will be a great year!

Lähettänyt saltmarshsteve noin 1 vuosi sitten (Lippu)

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