Keller BioBlitz Sept 28th 5pm-9:30pm

Keller BioBlitz Sept 28th 5pm-9:30pm

This is a PUBLIC EVENT OPEN TO EVERYONE, so feel free to invite anyone that would be interested in hanging out with some really great naturalists and iNaturalist's very best!

Last year I had the first ever Birthday BioBlitz and it was such a hit, I'm going to do it again! Join me for some iNatting at one of my favorite parks, Overton Ridge Park in Keller, TX.

We'll have a daylight BioBlitz from 5pm to 7pm to document all the living things we can find, followed by some blacklighting until 9:30pm to see the night time insects, too! (Come and go as you like.)

So, invite your friends, bring your bug spray, cameras, your blacklight setups, your family, and your hiking boots! Rain or shine!

Here's a little about the location:
Overton Ridge Park (located at 821 Weybridge Lane, Keller, TX 76248) is an 8 acre neighborhood park that has been expanded by 11 acres to include an adjacent natural area. The developed part has a playground, basketball court, covered pavillion, outdoor grill, a water fountain, and 2 no-mow fields. (Note: NO bathrooms.) The exciting part is the expansion! It's the old wooded homesite of local sportscaster Dale Hansen. The house has been removed, but some of the old buildings remain (horse barn, grotto pool, tennis court). The majority of the site is covered in oak and hickory trees with a nice footpath up the hill to an overlook where the house used to be and an unmowed horse pasture. (Unfortunately no surface water, just a dried up drainage ditch.) The city has scheduled development for 2020, and we will share the results (as we did last year) with the city so they will hopefully keep it as native as possible. If you are interested in bringing your mothing stuff, be advised that there are no electric hookups except one in the pavillion near security lights. There is no formal parking area yet, so parking is in a cul-de-sac area and along the neighborhood streets.

Here is a link to the observations that have been made out there so far:

Here is a map to the park:

If you want to share the event on Facebook, here's a link for that:

And absolutely no gifts... your presence is my present! The more the merrier!!!

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