North side - 4/7/2020

April 7th, 2020 (Tuesday) 2:30 am – 4:30 pm: 23 new dead newts
The weather was nice, a bit cold. It rained constantly in San Jose from Saturday night till Monday afternoon.
All newts observed today were new, as I removed everything last week.
Other roadkills - some earthworms, a millipede, grasshopper, moth, caterpillar, honey bees, bumblebees, cicada, fly. I also saw a live honey bee on the road, and a fence lizard crossing the road, on the last curve before returning to the county park lot.
Coverage: north part - the county park parking lot till the second stop sign.
Rainfall: (MTD: 2.28 in; YTD: 20.35 in). Data from -
Traffic: busy afternoon! no trucks, 51 (!) cars, 2 motorcycles, 30 bikes, 13 pedestrians.
The first county park parking lot (near the Jones trailhead) was closed, but the one in the middle of Alma Bridge Rd was open.
The creek near the lime kiln trail was running today, the first time this year! Last year it was running for a while, and newts were reproducing in it.

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