22. huhtikuuta 2021

Wednesday 4/21 - South Side

Nice walk with Merav today - loved seeing the oak community creatures!

My half of the report:
13 Newts: all adults, mostly T. granulosa, and reasonably fresh
1 Western Fence Lizard, 1 Tylobolus
AND one rarity - a Santa Cruz Black Salamander. Adult, about 3" long, nice fat tail indicating good health until struck by vehicle.
More repaving continues.

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16. huhtikuuta 2021

Friday 4/16 - South side

Nice walk with Cynthia this morning. The road crew was laying down fresh asphalt on another section today.
My half of our joint report:
10 newts (only 2 even vaguely fresh)
1 Variable Checkerspot butterfly
0 weirdos
Have a nice weekend everyone.

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14. huhtikuuta 2021

April 13, 2021 - North side

April 13, 2021 (Tuesday), 2:30-4:15pm (including a short detour up Priest Rock)

36 dead newts (0 juveniles), no live newts.
5 dead fence lizards, two of which may be juvenile

Weather: Warm, mid 70s, clear, has been dry for WAY too long.

Traffic: 76 moving vehicles, 14 parked, 0 quarry trucks, 3 bicycles, 7 pedestrians

Most of the newts were very dry, yet several notably fresher.

Not sure what was up with all the traffic today, there was a lot more than usual on a weekday. At least some of it seemed to be related to the rowing club, maybe they've got Tuesday classes on now?

And now for something gory and sad. I encountered what seemed to be a very freshly-killed fence lizard, still in 3d, whose tail was twitching, although I'm pretty sure (hope) the lizard was actually dead. It was creepy enough that for some reason I had to take a quick video before the next vehicle came - here it is (I don't blame you at all for not watching it): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-XmZiiHVbqc4Nw5_R3h024DIdWYdcaxN/view?usp=sharing. And indeed, the next vehicle came soon and put the lizard fully out of its misery.

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7. huhtikuuta 2021

April 6, 2021 - North side

April 6, 2021 (Tuesday), 2:30-3:50pm

27 dead newts (0 juveniles), no live newts.
2 dead fence lizards, one of which may be juvenile; 1 dead (ground?) squirrel

Weather: Warm, mid 70s, clear, has been dry for way too long.

Traffic: 43 moving vehicles, 11 parked, 1 quarry truck, 8 bicycles, 0 pedestrians

Two cyclists passed twice. The first time, one shouted "newts for lunch!", the second time he shouted "Newt Gingrich!"

And I see that HTH's setups are gone.

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Tuesday 4/6/2021 - south section

Tuesday 8:00-10:00 am: 45 dead newts, 1 live newt!
Cynthia C. and I walked together, documenting both sides of the road at the same time (I did the reservoir side first).
Weather - Cold, nice. Last rain - 3/18-19. Rain MTD 1.82 in, YTD 11.56 in per http://www.weathercat.net/wxraindetail.php
I documented a total of 23 dead newts (updated number, after removing a duplicate), all very dry, all adults. Cynthia documented 22 newts, two of them fresh.
We were surprised to see one newt crossing the road from the hill to the reservoir. It was alive but injured. Its tail was injured, and it had a bit of blood on its face and body. It was walking fine. Probably got hit by a bike. It was added to the injured newt project only.
Other roadkills: caterpillars, crickets, Jerusalem cricket, a fence lizard.
Coverage: from Aldercroft Heights Rd to the first stop sign.
Traffic: 2 trucks, 18 cars, 1 bike, 3 pedestrians, and 3 cars parked by the road.
The HTH array #6 has been removed (they were supposed to end their study by the end of March).
A link to all my newt observations of the day - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2021-04-06&place_id=any&taxon_id=27816&user_id=merav&verifiable=any
@sea-kangaroo - how many newts did you record? I'll update my numbers when you'll have time to upload (take your time...)

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31. maaliskuuta 2021

March 30, 2021 - North side

March 30, 2021 (Tuesday), 2:20-3:35pm

9 dead newts (0 juveniles), no live newts.
1 dead fence lizard

Weather: Warm, high 70s, clear, has been dry for too long.

Traffic: 47 moving vehicles, 20 parked, 1 quarry truck, 5 bicycles, 2 pedestrians

All newts were very dry, and a majority not adhered to the road. I wonder what happens if it doesn't rain again, how will they decide to return to their summer homes? Could they end up staying in/around the reservoir?

It's a lovely time to walk around there, the buckbrush is in full bloom, swaths of hillside are covered around Priest Rock and St. Joe's, I can even smell it on the road when the wind is right. And the maples are budding out and loaded with catkins.

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30. maaliskuuta 2021

Tuesday 3/30 - South Side

Survey cut abruptly short after only 25% of road today and reason reported to Merav. Four vehicles. Only one dried newt, but three other herps: Ring-necked Snake, Western Fence Lizard and Western Skink. Heard a Northern Owl tooting in the eucalyptus grove across from the cat house, until a mob of 6-8 outraged Stellars Jays arrived. Also a pair of Belted Kingfishers in the creek south of the reservoir.

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24. maaliskuuta 2021

Wednesday 3/24/2021 - north section

Wednesday 9:00-11:15 am: 78 dead newts, no live newt!
Weather - Cold at first, then nice. Light wind. Last rain - 3/18-19. Rain MTD 1.82 in, YTD 11.56 in per http://www.weathercat.net/wxraindetail.php
I documented a total of 78 new dead newts, at least 9 juveniles (added to the project), possibly more.
The newts on the first mile (up to the boat club) are also part of the longevity study, and were documented the day before at 9 am and 4 pm. The 9 am photos also have the ruler next to the newt. Newts photographed without a flag were either found after 9 am Tuesday (2 individuals), or on the 2nd mile (29 indiv.).
Other roadkills: millipedes, centipedes.

Coverage: from the parking lot to the second stop sign.
Traffic: 10 trucks, 23 cars, 1 motorcycle, 4 bikes, 13 pedestrians, and 23 cars parked by the road and in the parking lots (no cars at the far lot).
1 tiny dried newt was found in front of HTH #3. I saw the HTH team near #1.
A link to all my newt observations of the day - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2021-03-24&place_id=any&subview=grid&taxon_id=27816&user_id=merav&verifiable=any
Newts documented on 2/23, for scale, etc. - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?captive=any&on=2021-03-23&place_id=any&project_id=pacific-newts-roadkill-longevity-study-lexington-reservoir&subview=grid&verifiable=any

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19. maaliskuuta 2021

March 17, 2021 - North side

March 17, 2021 (Wednesday), 1:15-2:45pm

50 dead newts (1 of which was a juvenile), no live newts.

Weather: Cool and partly cloudy, had been dry for a few days, rain came the next day.

Traffic: 27 moving vehicles, 11 parked, 5 quarry trucks, 11 bicycles, 1 pedestrian

Another fairly quiet patrol, not much to report. Most of the newts were dry. Not a noticeable difference in mortality on one side of the road or the other.

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15. maaliskuuta 2021

Sunday 3/14/2021 - south section

Sunday 8:45-12:15 pm: 85 new dead newts, no live newt!
Weather - Cold. It rained on Wednesday and Thursday. Rain MTD 0.84 in, YTD 9.46 in per http://www.weathercat.net/wxraindetail.php
I documented a total of 85 new dead newts, possibly one juvenile. Most of them were very dry, a few were fresh.
Other roadkills: millipedes, centipedes, beetles, crickets, moths, earthworms.
Coverage: from Aldercroft Heights Rd to the first stop sign.
Traffic: 34 cars, 1 motorcycle, 12 bikes, 7 pedestrians, and 2 cars parked by the road.
2 out f 85 were found in front of HTH #6. They were very old. I was there before they checked their traps, and I saw them on the way there. I told them about the newts, but they only removed one. Maybe they didn't think the other was a newt? It was old, but clearly a newt.
The HTH team said that they'll be done soon - by the end of March.
A link to all my newt observations of the day - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?nelat=37.23961004150027&nelng=-119.77119018488757&on=2021-03-14&place_id=any&swlat=36.635905112476756&swlng=-123.28681518488757&taxon_id=27816&user_id=merav&verifiable=any

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