The Erigoninae

21 September 2021

The Erigoninae or Dwarf Spiders are, as their common name suggests, tiny (on iNaturalist, they are referred to as Money Spiders). For iNaturalist observations, it is a rare day when such specimens can be identified to species from mere photographs of the animal in its natural setting. They are just too small and there are just too many similar species. Most require microscopic examination or even dissection to identify to species, and even then there is no guarantee.

If you find one, you hope it is a male. The Spiders of North America manual for identifying spiders to the genus level only has an identification key for males. There is no such thing for the females. If you have a female, you'll have to search several scientific papers for illustrations or point your internet browser to repositories of photographs of female reproductive parts. And yet...this group of spiders is probably the one that I get most excited about finding. ...lisää ↓

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Help fill in the gaps in our knowledge of Minnesota spiders and their distribution by submitting quality photographs of spiders.

In order for your pictures to be part of this project, you will need to submit the date and location where you found the spider.

A preliminary checklist for Minnesota's spiders can be found here: ...lisää ↓

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