25 September 2022

My last journal entry focused on the most diverse genus of orbweavers: Araneus. It seems right at this time of the year to remain focused on that family since many orbweavers mature in the later summer and early fall.

The genus Neoscona is represented by four species in Minnesota. The common names for these spiders are the Spotted Orbweavers.

N. arabesca is likely the most common member of this genus in Minnesota. The species is common in grassy habitats, particularly near wetlands. This species matures in June-July. There is some variation in this species' appearance but many of them have a reddish tinge or reddish pigment on the abdomen. The spots on the abdomen are quite noticeable.

N. crucifera matures later than the previous species and seems to prefer spinning webs in woodier vegetation from my experience. The pale cross pattern on the abdomen is often subtle and can be ...lisää ↓

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Help fill in the gaps in our knowledge of Minnesota spiders and their distribution by submitting quality photographs of spiders.

In order for your pictures to be part of this project, you will need to submit the date and location where you found the spider.

A preliminary checklist for Minnesota's spiders can be found here: ...lisää ↓

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