Day 1- The Plant Kingdom Challenge

Our teachers are out in force! The tally thus far is 712 observations of 373 different species. Our most common sightings are cottontail rabbit (11) and common milkweed (8). The race for the lead observer continues to be between @alisongillen, @scienceteacher1 and @prosenteach. The final test will be to see who ends this week with the greatest number of Research Grade observations.

Yesterday our teachers were challenged to find representatives from subgroups of the Plant Kingdom and observations of mosses, ferns and gymnosperms and angiosperms took off. We like to remember that all of the tiniest and most overlooked organisms are important components of our ecosystems.

Keep exploring!

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With it being so dry in my neighborhood (we haven't had significant rain in about 3 weeks) - I observed many signs of drought as I observed plants. Many tree leaves are wilted in the parks and yards. I was unable to find mosses that appeared healthy (I stayed in terrestrial suburban habitat - no freshwater habitats).

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@amyheus the weather can definitely bias our data! ;)

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