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11. kesäkuuta 2021

June surveys

You might have noticed a lot of new additions to Ugborough wildlife recently. This is because last weekend we surveyed grasses, insects and flowers in the Ugborough burial ground, and flowers and a few insects in the Moorhaven burial ground. We uploaded our finds to iNaturalist and will use the data as a comparison when we survey again next June. Hopefully our work on increasing biodiversity will show results.

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25. huhtikuuta 2021

Why record wildlife in Ugborough parish?

The short answer to this question is to get people spotting wildlife in Ugborough.

The longer answer is that the wildlife and biodiversity working party in Greener Ugborough Parish would like to get everyone in the community spotting wildlife and discovering what shares the parish with us. We want to understand better the different habitats in Ugborough, from Redlake deep in the moor to the footpaths and fields around the village, and to focus our efforts effectively on helping them thrive.

Setting up an iNaturalist project for Ugborough means that we can keep track of observations and record how they change through the seasons and across the years. With a little computer work, we can also add observations to the Devon Biodiversity Records Centre.

In addition to regular observations, we plan to run bioblitzes where we find everything of interest on a particular weekend, and to monitor focal areas of interest regularly. Top of this list is the Ugborough burial ground where we have permission from the parish council to establish a wildflower meadow. We hope you enjoy discovering the flora and fauna of the parish.

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