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I work for the State of Vermont, where I map and monitor many of our wonderful wetlands. (and a few of our more troubled wetlands as well) In some of my spare time I use iNaturalist to map neat things I find during explores (actually, I guess a lot of my spare time!). Sometimes I add observations from my field work as well, especially unknown plants, but if i add things from private land i generally obscure locations unless the landowner prefers otherwise. Please do note that an observaiton on private land doesn't necessarily mean the area is open for public access.

I am originally from southern California, and worked as a botanist/ecologist there from 2001-2009, so I do lots of plant ID from there too, especially the Santa Monica Mountains.

I'm also on the Montpelier, Vermont conservation commission and am hoping to bring more iNaturalist to our state capitol.

I'm a graduate of the University of Vermont Field Naturalist graduate program and I am excited to see an increasing number of Field Naturalist, Ecological Planning, and RSNR students and graduates on here. Send me a message and say hi if you're new to the site and you would like help getting set up or other pointers!

During the pandemic I learned that I am autistic (on the autism spectrum) and have since learned that neurodiversity on iNat is very well-represented. I made a thread about it on the forum here.

I'm cataloging my observations using the Natural Community field when relevant. This allows me to create an index, ranked by abundance, of what species occur in each. It isn't systematic or anything, but it's still useful. See here for a blog post describing this. I also use the field to denote non-natural ecosystems such as roadsides.

It's fine to @ me for help with plant ID, but know that my expertise is mostly limited to New England/southern Quebec and California in North America. Please don't ask me to send you plant samples/seeds/etc, i don't send these things long distances because i don't want to spread an invasive species. Also unless an observation is near my home, i probably am not going to go back and get more photos. They are presented as-is, and intended to have diagnostic features, though sometimes that doesn't work as well as planned.

Email: naturalist.charlie at gmail dot com.

Sometimes I take samples as part of my job or on my own land and add photos of them to iNaturalist. Please don't take samples unless you are sure it is legal and is not harming the population of the species.

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