Anthony Ye

Liittynyt: 19. toukokuuta 2020 Viimeksi aktiivinen: 30. maaliskuuta 2023 iNaturalist

Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution Major at University of California, San Diego
Interested in ecology, taxonomy, and natural history
I love the tropics and biodiversity hotspots.
I am loving the wildlife in California.

My current main interests are in reptiles and amphibians,
as well as insects and arachnids. I think California native
plants are also very interesting. I am careful with my ID's
but can still make mistakes, feel free to correct me.

Always looking to meet and make friends with more
people interested in Inaturalist, feel free to message
me if you want to be friends, we can go look for stuff
as a group.

Year in Review


从小就对自然与生物感兴趣, 现在已经走不了其他的路了。

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