Guide to Nematoceran Families

I'm excited to share this guide to families of Nematocera! Questions, suggestions, and other reactions are appreciated. Please let me know if you find any oversights.

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only about 30,000 Nematocera unidentified to family on iNat!

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Someone is making good use of their house arrest time. 😉

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If I ever see any Nympomyiidae, I will be very confused. Those are some funky looking ones.

Thanks for making these! Summer field work and observations are heating up for me, so I am having trouble keeping up with my normal set of IDs as is. I think my winter work is already piling up.

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Yes, thank you for making these! I've bookmarked them since I'm definitely going to need to check back and reference them. Bibionomorpha seems like the hardest group for me but overall I'm already feeling a bit more comfortable with the massive order that is Diptera.

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