Kestrel's everyday lives #6

The photo was taken in the ventilation shaft of a multi-story building, where the “plucking place” is located. This is where the female usually eats the prey brought to her by the male. The female has just managed to eat a rodent, which the male brought her ten minutes earlier. While she was eating, the male was sitting in the nesting niche and cleaning his feathers.

The photo captures the moment when the male kestrel flies into the “plucking place” and mating is about to begin. The duration of one act of mating in these Common kestrels is about 10 seconds. After that, the male will fly away, make a few rounds, and sit down nearby. The female will remain in this niche and will clean her feathers.

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Kuvat / Äänet


Tuulihaukka (Falco tinnunculus)




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