Triodanis Quick Tips

If you've been trying to figure out how to ID which species of Triodanis flower you have seen, this post is intended to give you a quick and simple way for the two most common species in Texas and the US: Triodanis perfoliata "Clasping Venus's Looking Glass" and Triodanis biflora "Venus' Looking-Glass". I'll create a more detailed key to all seven of the species soon, but until then feel free to tag me in your observations or send me a direct message if you need help.

Photograph the stem so you can see the leaves and the fruiting capsule. To identify to species you will want to to see where the pore ("window") is located.

Here's an example of T. perfoliata fruit with the pore in the middle. It also has leaves that wrap around the stem ("clasping").
(Click on the picture to go to the observation.)

Here's an example of T. biflora fruit with the pore at the apex. Also, the leaves are simply attached, not wrapping.

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Thanks! I needed a refresher myself!

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Thank you, Kimberlie--this is helpful!

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@kimberlietx Thanks, Kimberlie! I added your link to my profile journal.

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Thanks! I was looking at these two more closely to decipher the differences.

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Thanks Kimberlie!

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As always, you did a superb job here. I'm looking forward to seeing your help for the other species of Triodanis. I'm so proud of the work that you are doing!

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This is awesome, thanks!

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This is amazing! Kimberlie, you are the BEST!

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Thanks for the differentiation between Triodanis perfoliata and Triodanis biflora
Here is a link to the Northern Ontario Plant Database collection of systematic botanical words to describe leaves and their attachment.
This next step beyond systematic names adds to our ability to communicate clearly.

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