The City Nature Challenge

Guess what starts four weeks from today? The world-wide City Nature Challenge, of course! Clear your calendar for Friday, April 28th, through Monday, May 1st, because we are going to have fun!

This year, I'm helping to organize the Western Massachusetts City Nature Challenge, so I'm inviting all of you to join that project and help out. We're nailing down the final details on 15 workshops and field trips for you; in two weeks, we'll publish that list as a journal post in the project.

If you've never participated in the annual City Nature Challenge before, you should know that everyone is welcome to help out in this global bioblitz, whether you're an expert in some obscure taxon or you're completely new to learning about the natural world. The real aim of the CNC is to connect people with the natural world around them, whether in cities or the smallest rural towns. Sure, we'll keep track of how many species we find, but even more importantly, we hope to encourage the most people possible to post the highest number of observations possible during those four days. And you don't even have to figure out how to add your observations to the Western Mass CNC project; iNaturalist will automatically add any observation you make on those four days, within the four western counties of Massachusetts, to the project.

So start thinking about your favorite places to visit in spring, and join us for the Western Mass CNC!

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