Now, THAT was fun!!

We had a wonderful time up on Mt. Watatic yesterday, at least till the rain started. Thank you to everyone who came!

Some of the highlights, at least for me: The young Bald Eagle circling overhead before anyone else showed up. The Eastern Milk Snake, unfortunately dead. All the grasshoppers @stevetobin and @flamingninetales77 caught (three species, do I have that right?). The cool rock tripe @mohale showed us and the Peregrine zooming by that she pointed out. That goldenrod growing in the cracks of the ledges that @tsn identified as Squarrose Goldenrod. And meeting people I've only known from iNaturalist, like @radbackedsalamander and @bkatzenberg . I didn't know my cousin @danlharp was going to show up, but it was great to see you, Dan!

So, let's do this again some time, yes? I was thinking that it might be fun to go to Burrage Pond WMA in Hanson and Halifax, or to Muddy Brook WMA in Hardwick, or to the Trustees' Bart's Cobble in Sheffield, or hey, why not Mt. Greylock? I haven't been to the top of Greylock in decades. Where would you all like to go? How often would you like me to set up a get-together like this?

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I would honestly love ANY of those places! If we went to Burrage it would be nice to go in May(ish) as around then it is a good time to view the Red-bellied Cooters.

Mt. Greylock would also be wonderful whenever, I was talking to Karro about the under-reported plant species in the boggy areas up on Greylock.

P.S. If anyone is interested I also made a project for all out findings:

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You made a project! Cool! @mohale was just asking me if I was going to make a project (I wasn't going to) and you've already done it - thank you!

Which reminds me, I need to ID that liverwort.

Burrage would be great in the spring, as would Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge, come to think of it.

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Yes it would!

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Thanks so much for organizing @lynnharper, this was fantastic occasion for me--loved meeting everyone in person. If we do any of these additional locations I would be happy to carpool with others who live in the Boston suburbs or exurbs. Fascinating about the S. squarrose, certainly observed rarely in iNaturalist, but here is one from sometime this month (obscured) somewhere (obscured) near the NH/ME border

As for frequency, maybe every two months? If everyone else says more frequently I'm sure I can have my arm twisted.

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