Jonathan Kolby Kuraattori

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I am a National Geographic Explorer & PhD candidate working to protect biodiversity. I specialize in reptiles and amphibians & have spent the last 10 years studying chytrid fungus and ranavirus-- pathogens responsible for emerging infectious diseases that threaten thousands of amphibian species with extinction. I recently established the Honduras Amphibian Rescue & Conservation Center ( to prevent the extinction of endangered frogs. Check out the frog rescue videos we're making in the rainforest:

I'm in charge of an iNaturalist project to help save salamanders from a nasty disease spreading around the world. Please join this project!

I'm nearly finished with my PhD at James Cook University in Australia, where I studied how wildlife diseases spread around the world. I previously worked with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, specializing in international wildlife trade policy. I'm also the current chair of the IUCN Amphibian Specialist Group of Honduras. My most significant field research sites are in Honduras, Madagascar, and Hong Kong.

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