Time to Identify!

Here we are, a few minutes before 7 PM on Friday night, all dug out from the snow/sleet/ice/freezing rain/whatever you got, and ready to put our botanical minds to work on the mountain of Needs Id observations, right?

If you want to work on the observations that are already at species level, here's the URL: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?hrank=species&iconic_taxa=Plantae&lrank=species&place_id=52339&quality_grade=needs_id. Right now, there are 347,491 such observations.

If you'd rather ID at the genus level, here's that URL: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?hrank=genus&iconic_taxa=Plantae&lrank=genus&place_id=52339&quality_grade=needs_id&view=species. Currently, there are 242,515 observations stuck at the genus level.

If the idea of Pre-Mavericks intrigues you, here's your URL: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?captive=any&place_id=52339&project_id=156949&quality_grade=needs_id&iconic_taxa=Plantae. That pile has only 4,134 observations.

Overall, there are 1,783,621 Verifiable plant observations in New England at this moment, 756,383 of which are Needs ID. Just a little work to do ...... Enjoy yourselves!

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