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15. syyskuuta 2022

The Story of 3 Eucalypts (online) Wednesday 21 September 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Senior Ecologist Gen Wright tells us the story of 3 threatened eucalypt species from the South East and the different methods being used to research them.

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8. syyskuuta 2022

Worrigee Nature Reserve Community Day Mon 10 October 10:00am– 2:00pm

Bikes, BBQ and Bell frogs
Worrigee Nature Reserve is just bursting with biodiversity! A range of threatened orchids, frogs, endangered plants and the striking Glossy Black Cockatoo live or frequently visit this Reserve. As development increases in the area, Worrigee Nature Reserve acts as an oasis, providing important habitat and food for threatened species.

Join us for a day of learning about native plants and animals at Worrigee Nature Reserve. This is a family friendly event and will include a free BBQ lunch followed by a bike ride* through the Reserve to the frog ponds. The ponds, which were constructed by National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) are now habitat for the Green and Golden Bell Frog. At the frog ponds Ranger Alex Deura will talk about how and why these ponds were constructed, and how you can help ring the Bell for Bell frogs!

*Please note - if you are unable to take part in the bike ride there will be other activities to join.

Worrigee Nature Reserve, start of Worrigee Pipeline Trail, end of Quinns Lane, South Nowra

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7. syyskuuta 2022

The Tallaganda Forest Recovery Story (online) Wednesday 14 September 12:00 - 1:00 PM

In November 2019 Tallaganda Forest close to Queanbeyan was heavily burnt by bushfires. There were grave concerns that the Greater Glider and Spotted Tail Quoll population was badly affected. Join this webinar to discover the hopeful story about the recovery of the forest two years on.

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6. syyskuuta 2022

Ecology of bare-nosed wombats (online) Thur 15 Sept 6-7pm

NSW NPWS in collaboration with Wildlife Heroes are delivering a series of webinars for the volunteer wildlife rehabilitation sector across various topics on wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and wildlife health, providing an opportunity for volunteer wildlife rehabilitators to connect with professionals in the field and an update on developments and current best practice in wildlife health.
Dr Scott Carver is Assoc Prof in wildlife ecology, Department of Biological Sciences, Uni of Tas. His research focuses on the ecology and health of bare-nosed wombats. In this webinar, Dr Carver will provide an overview of bare-nosed wombat ecology, with focus on their biology relevant to rescue, rehabilitation, and release. He will emphasise topics related to wombat maternal care, movement, and foraging behaviours.
Book here:

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4. syyskuuta 2022

Picnic for Nature 16 October

35 picnics planned already see link for all
Our local events:
Budawang 10am-2pm
Lions Park, Dolphin Point Road, Burrill Lake
RSVP if you wish to attend
Co-hosted by: Treading Lightly and Manyana Matters.
Your group is invited to hold displays to promote your work and share vital knowledge, scheduled nature walks identifying interesting plants amongst the salt marshes, kids activities, weaving, face painting, picnic blankets and a few environmentally conscious catering options. Our local Combined Environment Statement which many of you worked on will be launched.
Contact if you can offer something or would like to roll out a trestle table and be involved.

Eurobodalla 12-2pm
Spotted Gum Pavilion, Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens, Deep Creek Dam Rd Mogo
RSVP if you wish to attend
Co-hosted by: Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance (SHASA), Coastwatchers Association Inc., Friends of the Forest Mogo, St Johns Commons Anglican Church
Contact if you wish to be involved

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31. elokuuta 2022

iNaturalist training videos updated list

What are all the tips and tricks to getting the most out of iNaturalist? Use the desktop version! If you're interested in learning more from Aussie iNat curator Thomas Mesaglio here are sessions from beginner to advanced.

'More shortcuts and tips for identifying on iNaturalist'
Access Passcode: L@rXGM3B

'More about iNaturalist - Annotations, adding additional metadata, shortcuts to URL editing, adding and finding hidden coordinates, adding new species to database, finding graphs for peak growth periods of plants, embedding photos in comments'

'A beginner's guide to using iNaturalist'

Celebrate 10 years of Citizen Science on South Coast (Libby Hepburn) + iNaturalist training (Thomas Mesaglio) (starts at 21 minutes)

'Intermediate iNaturalist user workshop'

'iNaturalist Q&A with the beachcomber'

In this presentation, Thomas goes through some tips and tricks for using the desktop version of iNaturalist.
27 July

About Thomas Mesaglio: Thomas is a self-confessed "iNaturalist addict and curator, avid beachcomber, and professional bioblitzer. Thomas is a foundation member of the GSB's Global Organising Committee, an iNaturalist moderator, and coordinates the Great Southern Bioblitz - Greater Sydney area all while doing his PhD at UNSW. Follow Thomas on Twitter @thomasmesaglio or on iNaturalist as @thebeachcomber

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Gang-Gang breeding season - update

This is a reminder to continue to look out for (and record on iNaturalist) Gang-gang sightings especially nesting indications in our area. There are increased sightings around Moruya area so the mating season is underway!

From previous post
Gang Gang breeding season is not that far away, with August and September being the months when Gang-gangs are most actively and nosily looking for hollows. It would be great if you could continue to keep and eye and ear out for Gang-gangs and record on iNaturalist any activity of Gang-gangs looking into, entering, leaving or within a hollow.

Your assistance is required to record any mating observed or where Gang-gangs are chewing bark around a hollow. Michael Mulvaney will monitor new iNaturalist sightings. See other post for summary of what the Gang-gang hollow search project achieved last year - it demonstrates that your efforts are yielding conservation results.

Gang-gang breeding habitat has traditionally been thought as Tall Wet Forests with nests in tall trees 18-25m off the ground in a dead spout off the main trunk. However nearly all of the 60 nests that we have recently located are in woodland - open forest situations with the nest hollow on average 6.5m from the ground. . Nearly all the nests are also within 250m of the urban edge. This may be related to the availability of food in urban parks and gardens. When feeding records close to nests are compared to those further away, close to nest feeding includes a higher proportion of Gum Nut, Cone and insects than records further away. I suspect that the ideal nesting habitat includes hollow bearing gum trees that are near to an abundant supply of eucalyptus nuts, green calllitris or cypress nuts and many wattles bearing green pods in October-December.

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30. elokuuta 2022

Spring Bioblitz in Eurobodalla Botanic Garden 2 October 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Celebrate spring in our beautiful Botanic Garden with a Bioblitz! On Sunday On 2 October we are launching Life in the ERBG - an iNaturalist project for the Botanic Garden. The ERBG is the perfect place to become familiar with local biodiversity - all plants in the Garden are native to the Eurobodalla region, and more than 75% of the Garden is native forest.

This Spring Bioblitz will be a fun event focusing on nature exploration - special early morning bird walks, activities for under-12s, and guided walks highlighting interesting features. A “Lab” will be set up in the Visitors Centre to help with identification, connect with local experts, and provide photographic advice. If you are already on iNaturalist, take a guided walk or do your own thing. If you are a parent – or grandparent – consider registering your family for an under-12s Find-It education walk.

But there is a serious side too - all iNaturalist observations taken in the ERBG register simultaneously on the Budawang Coast Atlas of Life project and flow to the national biodiversity database, Atlas of Living Australia. In this way, the bioblitz will contribute to citizen science across the region and Australia. iNaturalist observations in the Garden are already providing valuable insight into flowering times, pollinator activity and bushfire recovery. And they provide an excellent educational resource.

Join the Spring Bioblitz, and help promote nature exploration, discovery, citizen science, and conservation in our coastal region.

Register now through Eventbrite -
(You might need to copy and paste this link into your browser)

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12. elokuuta 2022

Bird Haven Festival Shoalhaven 15-22 October Book now

Birdlife Shoalhaven is thrilled the Bird Haven Festival will be back again with three events in three venues to coincide with the Aussie Backyard Bird Count. Hundreds of people will come together to celebrate birds and learn more about their behaviour, habitat and conservation. to register for the following events:

October 15 - Birds for Beginners - Weird and Wonderful Life of Birds - Ulladulla Civic Centre 2-4pm (free)
October 19 - Guided Bird Walks - Jervis Bay Maritime Museum 3-6pm (free)
October 22 - Bird Haven Festival Conference - Shoalhaven Heads Bowling Club 10.30am-5.30pm ($$)

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Crookhaven Green and Golden Bell Frogs update, are you interested in being part of CSP?

Message from Lucy Loft, Community Engagement Officer, Biodiversity and Conservation, Department of Planning and Environment

"I met with some of you earlier in the year to hear your ideas and feedback in regards to setting up a Citizen Science Project (CSP) for the Crookhaven Green and Golden Bell Frogs. Please see below an update on this project. With the launch scheduled in September 2022, I would love to hear your thoughts on how we can further partner to promote this important local project.

  • Jerrinja Wandi Wandian women and artist, Rebecca Williams designed a logo for the CSP - ‘Guardians of the Green and Golden Bell frog’
  • Due to a reduction in funding, Enhua Lee who manages the statewide GGBF Saving our Species Project has had to reduce monitoring of Crookhaven GGBFs from annual to once every three years. As a result, citizen scientists will be vital to monitoring this population and assisting in conservation efforts.
  • We are in the process of finalising a brochure and website for the Guardians of GGBF (GGGBF) project that will assist people in finding out more about the project and how to join using the FrogID App. The logo will feature on both providing an Aboriginal perspective on the Crookhaven GGBF and its importance to the traditional custodians. The logo also features as an icon for the Guardians of the Green and Golden Bell Frog group on the FrogID App which you can join (and start recording) if you are a registered user of the free app – FrogID.
  • We will be launching the project in September (in time for the start of the GGBF season) through various avenues including a media release, webinar and hopefully a face-to-face event at Worrigee Nature Reserve.
  • We could set up a Bushcare/Landcare session to show volunteers working in/around the Crookhaven Floodplain how to register for the GGGBF and use FrogID.
    *It would be great to get some local frog enthusiasts involved to champion this project, if you know of anyone please get in touch." Lucy
Community Engagement Officer
Biodiversity and Conservation | Department of Planning and Environment

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