What is the City Nature Challenge?

Four days dedicated to documenting all the living organisms that live with us in cities around the world.

This citizen science event started in 2016 as a rivalry between two cities: Los Angeles and San Francisco. Each year since more cities have joined in the fun with the 2020 event drawing participation from 244 communities around the globe.

Now that we are living with the Covid virus, the City Nature Challenge may look a little different than it did when it first started, but the core purpose is unchanged. Collect as many observations of animals and plants as we can, add the data to the project and collaborate to identify what we have found.

We will not be organizing any public gathering events for the 2021 Winnipeg bioblitz. This simplifies things in some ways - but makes it more difficult for people new to iNaturalist or to bioblitzes to feel part of the process. Feel free to reach out in the comments or message @marykrieger with questions, comments, ideas and concerns.

Looking forward to a very interesting and surprising weekend in April 2021!

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