4 days, Stonewall East 14PA25 and a closer look at iNaturalist Canada

Stonewall East 14PA25 is located in the RM of Rockwood. The town of Stonewall lies on its western boundary and the town of Stony Mountain is on its southeast. The square is underlain by the Gunton escarpment raising it above the surrounding areas. Quarries both active and depleted dominate the north central section. Agriculture dominates the land use elsewhere in this square.

At the time of posting, 113 observations had been uploaded by 17 observers led by @glendao. The survey for the Breeding Bird Atlas of Manitoba confirmed 30 bird species nesting here, with another 59 species probable or possible. Here's the full list.

Curious about iNaturalist.ca or needing info to help answer questions from others - the team running iNaturalist in Canada has got you covered. Check out the About section from the links at the bottom of every page. Here you will find introductory information on the purpose and goals, a video of people making observations in Canada and a list of helpful resources. Most material is available in both English and French.

You can support their work to date by letting them know at inaturalist@cwf-fcf.org. I am sure that the team is interested if you have unanswered questions, suggestions for improving the resources as well as positive feedback on what you feel they have done just right. They are also looking for any interesting press coverage of iNaturalist Canada. Highlights are found here.

iNaturalist Canada is led by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) along with Parks Canada, NatureServe Canada and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), which collectively make up the iNaturalist Canada Steering Committee. Additional supporters and partners are listed here. Some of these partners are non-profits that welcome input (and donations) from their supporters. If your favorite organization is not listed, it is possible that they do not know about iNaturalist Canada or do not yet understand how iNaturalist Canada might support their institutional objectives. Feel free to let the institutions that you support know how you feel about iNaturalist.ca.

Happy observing!

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I really enjoy seeing my posts on iNaturalist & having them identified by the people involved with iNaturalist. Some of my pictures are certainly not great but rather than waiting for better light, better camera, etc I'm just posting! GlendaO

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