Release of Buprestidae of South Australia website

The link below gives access to my just released ‘Buprestidae of South Australia (jewel beetles)’ website. It has an abundance of images covering most SA species and should be a useful aid for identifications, and source of background information.

The default view is an alphabetic listing, but related species can be grouped together using the 'Genera (taxonomic)' menu item on the upper left of the main page.
The Host plant pages: may also be helpful for verifying plant species.

For a cursory look I suggest checking out:
• Melobasis propinqua verna, which has the most comprehensive documentation for breeding stages and host plants,
• Temognatha congener, a particularly beautiful and rare species,
• any of the Ethonion species, of special interest for their gall-making habit,
• Castiarina erythroptera as an example of mimicry.

The 'Introduction' menu item provides background information on Buprestidae, caveats on interpreting the data, and the acknowledgements.

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