Using Avenza Maps Offline during Merck Forest BioBlitz 2021!

Navigate the Merck property during BioBlitz 2021 with an offline map on your smartphone using Avenza Maps!

The free app allows you to see your location on the property in real time relative to trails, ponds, structures, natural communities, and more without relying on cellular data. Avenza is supported by Android and Apple devices and used by Merck staff every day in the field to navigate the property.

To use Avenza Maps at Merck:

  1. Download the Avenza Maps app for Apple or Android.
  2. Download the MFFC Natural Communities Map and/or the MFFC Trail Map (direct-download PDFs).
  3. Open the Avenza Maps app on your device and upload the map PDFs from Step 2.
  4. Open either of the maps in the Avenza app while on the Merck property and explore for a fun and safe BioBlitz experience!

Note: The MFFC Natural Communities map is a reference for areas within a ½ mile of the Joy Green Visitor’s Center, while the MFFC Trail Map is of the whole property.

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