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Attorney & environmentalist. Fortunate to have free time to spend on iNaturalist - it's crazy how much more accessible this stuff has gotten across the last couple decades. Generally based in Kansas, USA.

Current ID Leader for research-grade USA observations in the following plant orders: amborellales, berberidopsidales, bruniales, chloranthales, icacinales, metteniusales, paracryphiales, trochodendrales, and vahliales! That's 17% of all flowering plant orders. You are, too, as there are no research-grade USA observations for those orders! Way to go!

Virtually unknown author of the not-fully-debunked Dandelion Manifesto. (You may disagree).

I feel like this one should be pretty easy, but I don't know the answer and I'd sure like to!

Prior mysteries:
Multiflora Rose
Black Horse Fly

My saddest, most lonely unconfirmed observation:
Here. The relatively unusual Georgia Calamint? I didn't know what I was looking at when I first saw it - I wasn't familiar with the area - but it seemed special. I could patiently wait like we all do with most other things, or tag @alexabair, I suppose, but it's more fun to draw it to the attention of random folks on my profile page! Lol.

Most outrageous ID confirmation:
This Mayapple. No way I would have learned enough to ID something like this without iNaturalist!

Cutest photo I've seen on iNaturalist:
OMG JUST LOOK. Totes adorbs, as I like to say when I want my wife to mock me.

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