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Amerikanharmaahaikara Ardea herodias




Maaliskuu 8, 2020 07:42 PM EDT


This bird was spotted in a residential area on top of a hot tub cover within Gulf Harbors at 7:42 pm. The bird stayed in the area for about an hour. During that hour it moved from its originally spotted location to the grass near by to feed. It appears to be a Great Blue Heron. This was based on on the grey feathers covering the posterior side of the bird, the dark blue patch on the top of it's head, the orange beak, and it's yellow eyes. It was about three and a half feet tall when the birds neck was fully extended and the chest of the bird looked about 20 centimeter across. Great Blue Herons can be found year round in all of Florida and are found commonly all throughout most of the southern parts of the United States and Mexico according to the Cornell Lab's All About Birds. These birds feed on a variety of things such as insects and fish. They usually tend to not go into yards unless they are near sources of food which explains why the bird was there , because there is a canal less than ten feet away. The source used for this was https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Great_Blue_Heron/lifehistory#food .

Amerikanharmaahaikara - Photo (c) Dan Roach, osa oikeuksista pidätetään (CC BY-NC)
Käyttäjän mattlongabaugh tunniste: Amerikanharmaahaikara (Ardea herodias)
Lisätty 4. huhtikuuta 2020.


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