syyskuu 24, 2023

Three Day Trip to Tropical Montane Forest outside of Banos, Ecuador

September 19- September 21, 2023
September 19th, cloudy and overcast, light rain with a passing storm.
September 20th, partially sunny, warm, with no wind.
September 21st, warm, mostly sunny.

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syyskuu 21, 2023

Several Day and Multi-Day trips to the Paramo

One major trip's images have not been uploaded yet because of a lack of time.

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Travel to and Week Stay at Tiputini Biodiversity Station in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

September 11- September 15, 2023
Light Rain Every Night
Rain/Thunder/Lightning/High Winds Storm Afternoon of September 13th
Light Rain Morning of September 14th
Light to Heavy Rain September 15th
Very low river conditions, very dry forest conditions
"It is like the dry season has come early"
Not a complete representation, I took over 3000 pictures and have not uploaded them all yet.

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toukokuu 13, 2023

Spring Night at Three Falls Woods in Onondaga County, NY

May 10, 2023
60-70 degrees Fahrenheit
7:20-9:40 PM
There was a very large number of Eastern Red-Backed Salamanders, American Giant Millipedes, and Leopard Slugs, along with what appeared to be a sizeable population of Northern Spring Salamanders, Northern Two-Lined Salamanders, and Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamanders. Also encountered was a Northern Slimy Salamander, a Red-Spotted Newt, and several species of spider. Weirdly, I did not see any crayfish whatsoever.

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toukokuu 10, 2023

Spring Day and Night at Labrador Hollow Unique Area and Surrounding Roads- May 7th, 2023

Day temperature was in the mid 60s, and night it got down to the upper 40s.

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toukokuu 2, 2023

Spring 2023 Amphibian Survey at Labrador Hollow Unique Area in Onondaga County, NY

The night of March 31st and the day of April 23rd. The night was between 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit with light rain and the day was 45 degrees Fahrenheit and overcast. Markham Hollow Road was surveyed during the night and the Tinker Falls creek was surveyed was during the day.
Night Species:
Greater than 100 Spotted Salamanders
~10 Four-Toed Salamanders
~10 Spring Peepers
~5 Wood Frogs
~2 Northern Dusky Salamanders
Day Species:
2 Northern Spring Salamanders
1 Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander

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Spring 2023 Nighttime Herp Survey at Mendon Ponds Park in Monroe County, NY

The nights of March 25th, April 5th, April 14th, April 28th, April 29th, and April 30th. Weather generally varied between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit, with light to heavy rain during the survey times and the previous days. The coldest temperature was 38 degrees Fahrenheit and several of the days had thunderstorms and windspeed warnings. The roads in the park and a few easily accessible trails were surveyed. A very large snapping turtle was also encountered but it did not make it into the observations as it moved out of camera shot too quickly.
1 Common Snapping Turtle
2 DeKay's Brown Snakes
Greater Than 55 Eastern American Toads
Greater Than 34 Green Frogs
Greater Than 32 Spotted Salamanders
Greater Than 29 Red-Spotted Newts
Greater Than 27 Spring Peepers
Greater Than 24 Eastern Red-Backed Salamanders
Greater Than 17 Wood Frogs
17 Blue-Spotted/Jefferson Salamander Unisexual Complexes (Appeared to be mostly a Blue-Spotted/Blue-Spotted Dependent population, with a small Jefferson/Jefferson Dependent population)
10 Northern Slimy Salamanders
7 Gray Treefrogs
2 Bullfrogs
2 Northern Leopard Frogs

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