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10. maaliskuuta 2014

Lichens and mushrooms

I am emerging from an intensive Northern California lichen idenification frenzy, and am now taking advantage of the prolific fungi production from the robust rains of the last month. Yesterday was a localized pinnacle of fungi sightings at Sugarloaf Ridge. I had the fortune of being in a small group hike, on which the Park Manager accompanied with a scientific collection permit. I did no collecting, but two other scientists were helpful in plucking certain specimens that i found, and even serving as hand models for me. I catalogued about thirty of the specimens that i had some luck in identifying, and posted these to iNaturalist, a sample of which are appended to this journal entry.

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25. maaliskuuta 2014

Sonoran Desert

Just finished a trip to the marvelous Sonoran Desert. This exact time is a superb time to see not only cacti, but a gamut of other flowering plants, in bloom. I am still adding to the observations, but here is a partial list of the plant taxa, all with photos:


While emphasizing plants on this trip, i have images of a few birds and reptiles. I have to confess that i also squeezed in some spring training baseball and a little golf, besides the desert hiking.

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