Päiväkirja-arkisto kohteelle lokakuu 2021

7. lokakuuta 2021

Nature Walk on Pine Tree Preserve 10/6/21

For my nature walk, I decided to observe the fungi around the Pine Tree Preserve. It was a little chilly outside but thankfully the sun was out to create some warmth (~60℉). I walked around the area for about forty minutes. There were far more fungi than I expected to find on the pathway! Upon arriving on the path I immediately saw interesting types of fungi growing on tree branches, trees, and in the grass. As I walked further down the path and up the hill, I noticed more mushrooms in different shapes, sizes, and colors. My observations indicate about five different types of fungi but I was fortunately able to see far more than that when walking. Overall, I enjoyed the walk as it was extremely cool to see such a vast variety of fungi on campus.

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14. lokakuuta 2021

Nature Walk Alongside Chestnut Hill Reservoir 10/12/21

For my nature walk, I walked from Lower Campus alongside the path to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. I walked around for about an hour and a half to get a break from restarting classes again. It was quite warm outside as the sun was out and the wind was minimal (~70℉). Towards the beginning of my walk, I noticed a lot of plants and flowers that might have been cultivated on the landscape. Unfortunately, I decided not to take a picture of them and focused my attention on trying to find wild organisms. Once I reached the pathway leading towards the reservoir, I noticed more wild plants and flowers. While I have seen wild plants and flowers before, it was nice to stop to admire and take pictures of them. Overall, this nature walk allowed me to keenly observe my surroundings and enjoy the various types of plants growing around me that I would have otherwise ignored!

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