Päiväkirja-arkisto kohteelle lokakuu 2015

lokakuu 24, 2015

Berry Springs TAW report, 16Oct2015

Many thanks to Christie and Charles for coming out last Friday to join me at Berry Springs Preserve for the monthly Texas Amphibian Watch (TAW). We saw, but did not hear, a Common Nighthawk, lots of Common Green Darners, and then bats, flying over the ponds before it got dark. We heard a nearby pack of coyotes and a Rio Grande Leopard Frog (CI = 1) during the middle monitoring period, and the Rio Grande Leopard Frogs were still at CI = 1 during the last monitoring period. We were also able to catch a Rio Grande Leopard Frog on the shoreline and take photos.

It was another nice night at the park ! See y'all next month.

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