Päiväkirja-arkisto kohteelle toukokuu 2011

toukokuu 16, 2011


Despite the forecasted rain, today was fairly beautiful, so I went for a stroll. I saw pretty much every bird I saw the whole hike by standing still for 10 minutes at the trailhead. A tree fell there in the winter, damaging part of the trail (EBRPD has since put in some stairs), but opening up a nice gap for viewing birds. New things just kept popping up and singing. If only all canopy birding could be so pleasant.

Then I decided to observe every plant I could find in flower, which was edifying, if a bit arduous. The only one I know I missed was some elderberry that was out of reach and unphotographable with the phone. Still got some IDing to do.

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toukokuu 20, 2011

Slugathon, Part 1

22 species of nudibranchs at Pillar this morning, which is pretty damn good for one guy surveying a very small area. AND I didn't see a lot of common stuff. Crazy. Lots of classes out there this morning. Showed some of them an octopus and they totally freaked out, many cries of "best field trip ever." I even got an appreciation cheer!

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