Päiväkirja-arkisto kohteelle maaliskuu 2017

maaliskuu 3, 2017

3 Mar/17

it's now light (light enough to see, not bright light) when I take the dog for his morning walk. The birds are out and about at that time - I've heard nuthatches, chickadees, crows and one type of woodpecker. Far cry from a couple of weeks ago when it was still dark. Past couple of days, mornings have been cold (-20), and there are not as many bird calls around.

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maaliskuu 5, 2017

5 Mar/17

Saw a lone Canada goose today. It's warm today (4C)' and there should be open water someplace. Supposed to rain/snow tomorrow, so we'll see how long it stays around.

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maaliskuu 8, 2017

8 March/17

Been cold and very windy the past day and a half. Winds sustained at 55 kph, up to 75 kph. Temp at about -15C. I don't know where the Canada geese have gone. This site where I saw 4 is frozen over, and there are none to be seen. Apparently, they have arrived here about a week before normal. They were seen at Oak Hammock Marsh on 21 Feb/17. The normal time is 28 Feb. Again, don't know where those ones have gone, as any open water would be frozen again. Lot's of grain areas around there, so perhaps they are feeding there, but I don't know where they retire at night.

There are no birds out and about the past couple of days. A few squirrels, both red and grey.

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maaliskuu 11, 2017

11 March/17

Still cold this morning, though not as windy or cold as the past couple of days. While in Parker, I heard a bird I haven't heard this winter. It made a kind of 'hew wit wit' whistle. I searched the trees for it, and just saw one fly away. Don't know what it was, but it was definitely not one of the 'usual suspects'. With the longer day lengths, birds may be migrating, but at -20 I can't believe many southern birds would last very long. Also heard a woodpecker (probably Downy), but no matter how hard I looked, could not see it. Chickadees, crows and nuthatches are more active now since the wind has died down.

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maaliskuu 13, 2017

13 mar/17

Interesting day today (cold, -20). As I got into the bush I heard woodpeckers, chickadees and crows. At the end of the walk I came across this Downy woodpecker, bashing away at what looked like a willow (apologies for the lousy images of this bird and the magpie). Not sure what it was after, but It knew. Yesterday I finally got a shot of the magpie that's been around all winter. Again, lousy shot, but one of the few magpies I've seen in Winnipeg.

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maaliskuu 22, 2017

21 March/17

An interesting few days. After rain, it went down to -10 again, and has hovered around there for a while. The Canada geese are still around, but I don't know where they find open water. There is a reservoir just beside Parker, but I don't know if the water is open or not. I know the Red at Churchill is not open, so who knows where they go. Couple of plants in this area - bur oak and cattails. It's a semi wetland (actually the dry land is just a bit above water level), and the trees/plants are the ones which can live in wet conditions. Seeing as how the area is semi desert, most wetland plants live here.

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maaliskuu 26, 2017

26 March/17

I took some wonderful pictures of Canada Geese and Chickadees, then realized I had forgotten to put my card back into the camera. I was mentally thinking that these would be my last Canada Geese for the season.... I have sorted out why there are more geese around Parker than normal. There is a reservoir there, and although I can't see it, I suspect it is open. It's funny - I've been around that reservoir all my life, and still don't know what it's for. It should be for drinking water, but most of that is processed in other sites. I saw a couple of Hairy Woodpeckers yesterday, but had no way to photo them.

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maaliskuu 30, 2017

30 March/17

It's really astonishing how fast things change. The past couple of weeks have not been amazingly warm (around +5C for a daytime high, below 0 at night), nor very sunny. The ground is still mostly frozen, yet in a day or two a lot of things have happened. The Red ice broke apart in a day and there are large open spots between the broken ice. The gulls are back, and yesterday I heard and saw a raptor. I couldn't tell what it was, but it has a similar call to one that was around the neighbourhood last spring. Then yesterday, with the sun out, there were flying insects! Two flies, a small beetle and a Copmton Tortoiseshell. It was warm enough for insects to fly, especially in my back yard, which is little heat trap, but I didn't think the ground was warm enough for them to emerge from overwintering yet.

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