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I am currently completing a research project on the leaf-blotch miner moths (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) of Australia, based at the Australian National Insect Collection. You can find out more about my research background on my website.

I started the Australian Leaf Miners iNat project to help understand the diversity of leaf mines across Australia. Check it out! Trust me, leaf mine hunting is fun.

Always curious to learn more about the flora and fauna around me. I do not consider myself a professional at identification but hope to improve with the help of iNaturalist! :)

You can find me on my Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I obscure my observations by default, but I'm more than happy to provide GPS locations on an individual basis for research purposes.

Australian Projects I enjoy:
Australian Leaf Miners

Australian Galls

Global Projects I enjoy:
Bees Concentrating Nectar
Passengers: Parasites Taking Rides


Global Caterpillar Construct Project

Other regional projects I enjoy:
Leafminers of North America

Personal Mini-Lists:
Host Plants of Leaf Miners - Would appreciate help with IDing these. :)

My Gall Records

Light Trap Observations

Useful Resources for ID
Moths and Butterflies of Australasia

The Fly Guide (Fly families)

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