Elora Tracy

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I'm from Florida. My name is Elora, and I like to identify all sorts of flora and fauna, however, i'm most interested in identifying different types of fungi (excluding lichen >:[ ), as well as insects and small animals. The area im most acquainted with is the Southeastern USA, specifically florida and the areas around it.
My current favorite fungi are Coprinus comatus, Suillellus luridus, Rhodotus palmatus, Lactarius indigo, and Psathyrella aquatica.

As of my wider interests, i enjoy culinary arts, the occult, the pursuit of knowledge, editing wikipedia pages (name is Eurycleia on there), playing video games occasionally, and learning about religions and history. i also collect bird feathers and bones.

My main language is english, but i also speak french, although not very well, as i'm still learning.

if you need to contact me, you can find me on discord under Arduinna#5037

i don't use any particular equipment, just my phones camera.

and, here's a project i run, which is for cataloguing fungi in central florida:

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