Ashley M Bradford

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I've been fascinated by the natural world since I was a little girl picking up everything that would fit in my pocket - acorns, feathers, rocks, shells. Now I take pictures of all kinds of things I encounter. I love my macro lens and the normally unseen details of things it reveals to me.

I'm a generalist who's been learning about different organisms and their IDs through trying to figure out what I've photographed for years now. BugGuide has taught me a lot about arthropods; friends about birds, and now iNaturalist about other things, mostly plants.

My main goals here are learning and data collection/documentation. I would love to post only beautiful photos taken with my real cameras, but I think it could be equally important to document just that a thing was present at a time, and I don’t lug my good gear with me everywhere I go. I do try to get clear photos with my phone, but it doesn't always cooperate. I don’t post truly bad photos unless I have a good reason and you can still tell what it is. Occasionally you may catch me finally getting around to dealing with a load of real photos as I have the time and energy.

I truly hope my record is useful for research now and into the future. I will admit I also like to use my map as a “you’ve been here” record for myself. Many, many thanks to all those who identify my observations, and I'm especially grateful for ID tips and info.

I also post on Flickr and BugGuide.
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Some of my art:

It is my wish that all of the content I have contributed to iNaturalist (photos, comments, etc.) remain on the site in the event of my death.

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