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Note: a recent decision affected my curator status, but multiple iNat community members and I independently proved it was wrong. I've been the most active bee and wasp taxonomy curator and also resolved a variety of different flags for user conflicts. If you support me to continue as a curator please add your username here or ask me to, thanks very much in advance (currently 147 votes).

I study, observe, and identify bees, wasps, and additional plant and animal wildlife, and have completed a related Biology B.S. and M.S. I'm a contributor to pollinator surveys in New York State and additional locations, led a Thacher State Park bioblitz, briefly volunteered at a museum insect collection, and have added complete iNat Places species checklists for NYS and additional locations. My main interest is the discovery process of first online observations and identifications of described, undescribed, or rare species, and recording new species locality records. I'm a volunteer curator and provide corrections to iNaturalist, Bug Guide as Contributing Editor, Global Biology Information Facility (GBIF), Catalouge of Life (COL), and Discover Life. I'm also interested in urban ecology and sustainability research focuses such as urban greenspace habitats, sustainable cities, and the natural rewilding of unmanaged or abandoned built environments. If viewing my photos, I recommend the has photos search filter. Feel free to message, I check all notifications although sometimes after a delay. My profile photo is masked bees (Hylaeus) visiting narrow-leaved foxtail lily (Eremurus stenophyllus).

First Bee and Wasp Records
New Bee and Wasp Locality Records
Bee and Wasp Mimics
Green Roof Biodiversity

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