Jared Shorma Kuraattori

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Colorado naturalist looking to find as many species as I can. Still working through my Peruvian backlog, I've made it midway through January 2020.

My primary life goals aside from being an entomologist/arachnologist is to see 10,000 different identifiable species and then once that is accomplished-- 20,000. I also want to see at least one individual from every insect order and from each of the extant arachnid groups. All of these sightings must also be done in the wild.

Spent 6 months at a research station in Peru back in 2019-2020. Where I was studying arachnids, herps, birds, mammals, and butterflies, and how well they were coming back in regenerating rainforest.

I am also currently working on a lichen equivalent to BONAP using specimen + inaturalist data.

Insect orders 25/27
Arachnid groups 12/17
Myriapod groups 10/23

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